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Roy Lang III is The Times Assistant Sports Editor. He played golf at Centenary College. He has covered six major golf championships and also covered last year’s Ryder Cup. As an added bonus, both Hal Sutton and David Toms are on his speed-dial.

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Big Break III: How not to be a lady

It was no surprise that Danielle won the championship match of The Big Break III on The Golf Channel. Her "experience" prevailed.

Funny, she basically said every part of her game is the best and losing is not an option. However, in addition to beating Pam, a raw talent exposed to the game for just three years, Danielle has done nada.

Those reality shows certainly have a lot to do with how they are edited, but it's hard to image they had clips of Danielle being sweet left on the cutting room floor.

You have to give credit to Pam, who tried her best to fight back with the gamesmanship.

In general, I would describe the golf in the Big Break III as bad, although Cindy Miller was ridiculously impressive. I dont think there was a viewer in the land -- not affiliated with another contestant -- that didn't want to see her win.

I myself was a big fan of Valeria, and Jan too.

It's time for Danielle to wake up. Given some of the stunts she pulled throughout the show, and the snide comments, the LPGA Tour women are going to eat her for lunch. I can just imagine the beating she is going to take on the scoreboard and what others will be mumbling to themselves as Danielle posts her 85.

You can talk trash in the B-Flight, but once the competiton is better than you, it will all come back to haunt you.

By the way, what's with Danielle getting showered with all these elaborate gifts and Pam gets nothing???? That's ridiculous.