Musings and Mulligans

Roy Lang III is The Times Assistant Sports Editor. He played golf at Centenary College. He has covered six major golf championships and also covered last year’s Ryder Cup. As an added bonus, both Hal Sutton and David Toms are on his speed-dial.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Note to those who are on their way to Pinehurst, or who may be already here. If you like ice cream, or fresh fruit, or both, YOU MUST TRAVEL TO EAGLE SPRINGS. Take route 211 West from Pinehurst about 17 miles. Just past Eagle Springs (dont blink) you will see a fresh produce stand that serves homemade ice cream.
I happened upon the stand and met Katie Williams, the NORTH CAROLINA PEACH QUEEN of 1999. I was honored as I found out she is quite the celebrity and works at her family's produce/ice cream stand.
Katie hooked me up with her father's famous homemade Peach Ice Cream. Holy cow. Well worth the "short" drive.
Katie also informed me that the area is quite famous for peaches. I had no idea. Thought that was a Georgia thing.
A visit to the stand will tell you all you need to know about the Williams family -- pictures and all. Wonder if Katie's three siblings are mad her picture is the biggest -- by far -- in the collage? Katie's brother Ben, survived an accident where his school bus did its best Dukes Of Hazzard imitation and flipped over. Despite a broken back, he is recovered now and Katie claims he's quite a golfer and football star.
Visit the stand and say hello to Katie, who is rooting for David Toms this week.