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Roy Lang III is The Times Assistant Sports Editor. He played golf at Centenary College. He has covered six major golf championships and also covered last year’s Ryder Cup. As an added bonus, both Hal Sutton and David Toms are on his speed-dial.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wie stumbles, takes hit to rep

Heat exhaustion in 88-degree weather with relatively normal humidity? Umm, OK, that won't give the cynics fuel to add to the battle of the sexes war.
Michelle Wie's star is beginning to fade, and again, it's her "team's" fault. Wie has yet to win. But she's up against some stiff competition.
Now that she's turned pro, there are no more chances for her to play against her age. She's stuck and until she wins something, anything, she will be criticized. And quitting against the men when you're a zillion over because of heat is a joke.
I heard a funny line ... maybe it was the extra 1,000 yards she walked. Stuff like that will continue to be said until ... OK, last time .... she WINS!